After working in a school for the past sixteen years I have witnessed the dramatic effect that training with Jarmesty Martial Arts has had on many of our students. They learn concentration, respect and endurance. These skills are then brought into the classroom, which has a huge impact on their learning. On a personal level, my son has been training for three years, during this time he has grown in confidence and self esteem. He has had the opportunity to make many new friends and is now very dedicated to his sport.

Joanne Murray – St Stephen’s school, Astley

My two daughters started training with JMA 4 years ago and are now black and brown belts, they loved it that much they got me into it, and I am now well on my way to achieving my black belt.

Russell Hayes – Doorman

When it comes down to real fighting few are as well acquainted with the subject as Russ Jarmesty. Having spent most of his adult life working the wild frontier on the North’s toughest nightclub doors, the big man has finally taken the plunge by investing in a 6000 square foot dojo in order to pass on his hard earned knowledge to the next generation.

Martial Arts Illustrated

It’s been a long time since I met anyone with a passion for teaching and coaching to the same degree as Russ Jarmesty. Russell is most definitely a one-off, whose coaching methods are unorthodox but effective.

Bob Sykes, Editor of Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine